Ubuntu 10.10 is just around the corner!

So a buddy and I were chatting today about Ubuntu and their naming convention, and decided that we needed to come up with a bunch of possible names for the upcoming Ubuntu 10.10 release, which is due in October!  Sometimes we springboarded from one adjective/animal to the next, so you’ll see some closely-related names…

  • Maudlin Mantis
  • Morose Manatee
  • Mellow Manatee
  • Mossy Manatee
  • Marauding Mongoose
  • Marauding Mudskipper
  • Magnanimous Moose
  • Morose Moose
  • Maternal Macaque
  • Miffed Meerkat
  • Majestic Mammoth
  • Moody Martin

Also seen on the Ubuntu Blog: Masturbating Monkey!  🙂

Post your original creations (or links to your favorites found elsewhere) below!

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