One fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt. Shaken, not stirred.

I have always hated “fruit on the bottom” yogurt. Although lately I’ve found it easier to ignore the noxious fact that it’s yogurt and actually eat it, I have always found that it’s near impossible to stir hard enough or long enough to properly blend the stuff. Either you end up with yogurt all over your desk / table / tie, or you end up with NASTY white streaks all throughout the goop. Sometimes you even have places where the yogurt was a bit more solid than the rest…and you get little chunks! Not the way I want to start my day.

Tie in the fact that I visited the doctor yesterday and he basically ruled out anything good-to-eat in the mornings (eggs, bacon, sausage, etc.), and you have a miserable Daddy Bear.

Well, no more! In the “you learn something every day” camp, I was down in the building cafeteria this morning and watched a co-worker pick up his yogurt…and start shaking it with the ferocity of a paint mixer. It took a minute for this to filter its way through my morning-fogged head.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Mixing my yogurt,” was his reply.

“That works?”

“Oh, sure! Much better than trying to stir the stuff!”

So I had to try it. I shook that bad boy all the way up the five floors of electric elevator. I shook it until my forearms felt like I’d gone a set with Andre Agassi. And, you know what? He was right! I peeled back the foil top to find a perfectly-mixed yogurt, with creamy consistency, just like you see in the commercials. It was even yummy! (well, for yogurt, at least!)

Why did it take me 35 years to find this out? I feel like I’ve been let down. Forget trigonometry…THIS is what we should be teaching in schools!

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