The heck with don’t tread on *ME*…


LP Porcupine Don't Tread on ANYONE


Don’t tread on anyone!!

I was working the Warren County Libertarian Party’s booth at the local county fair, when I saw the Tea Party’s Gadsden flags.  It occurred to me that while the Gadsden flag is pretty good, liberty-speaking, it could be better.  Gadsden only covers half of the equation, and could be taken as a plaintive plea for mercy, “Don’t tread on me!”

The more I thought about it, the more it seemed just WRONG.  The problem isn’t treading on ME…that’s territorial and isolationist.  The real statement is, “Don’t tread on ANYONE.”  Let people be.  Let them do what they want.  Let them live their lives, as long as it has no impact on you living yours.

So I found an image of the Libertarian Porcupine and made this mock-up.  It really makes me want to get a flagpole and fly this flag!


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