Rig Redux: Decisions and first purchases…

Yaesu FT-897DAfter much pondering, research, and a hard look at my budget, I have made some decisions about my soon-to-be ham rig!  I have settled on the Yaesu FT-897d as my primary rig.  I think I’m going to be purchasing a G5RV mini antenna (it’s cheap, tuneable, and should get me on multiple bands) for a starter HF antenna.

I have gotten tired of waiting forever to make a purchase, so today I decided to make a small step forward: I bought an auto-tuner designed for the FT-897d! This auto-tuner has great reviews, seems to be able to tune a wet shoestring (not to say that using a wet shoestring will work well!), and is cheaper than the Yaesu-made alternative.  For me – a ham on a budget – this seems to be a great little product!  (I’ll provide reviews when I get on the air finally!)

I’m going to make a visit to R & L Electronics this coming week to check out some other accessories for the rig as it’s currently designed.  Purchasing of the radio itself will take place after my birthday and receipt of birthday funds!