Restaurant Review: Decent Deli

Lunch today was at the “Decent Deli”, located at 11144 Kenwood Road in Blue Ash.  The deli is close enough to my office to be a decent walk on a decently temperate day.

There it is, decently located behind the Arby's.

The decor is decent – formica-topped tables and decently comfortable chairs.  The place is more-than-decently clean, and when I arrived tables were very quickly cleared from the decent lunch rush that was just ending.

I ordered the lunch special, which is a cup of soup, a half sandwich, and a soft drink.  It was advertised at $8.10, which I found to be a bit overpriced.  It seemed more decently affordable when the waitress told me that a side dish was also included.  My special, the Matzoh ball soup, a half reuben, and potato pancake came very quickly.

I LOVE Matzoh ball soup, and Decent Deli’s take was as good as most NY Delis that I had the luck to eat at during my previous life as a travelling IT installer.  I found it interesting that they also included the noodles from the regular chicken soup, but they also added a decent texture & variety to the simple Matzoh ball.  The Matzoh ball itself was light and almost airy – not the dense monstrosities that some less-than-decent delis include.  The broth was flavorful, with bits of chicken, celery and carrots floating around.  A very good start!

The potato pancake left me puzzled.  It was dense, greasy, and tough.  Add to that: the waitress seemed that she’d never heard a request for a side of sour cream with a potato pancake!  If I had to judge by the first bite, I wouldn’t have liked it.  But by the time I was done with it, I found myself liking it a decent amount – and wanting more.

The sandwich was….decent.  I prefer that reubens be served on toasted bread, and was disappointed that this one was not.  There was more sauerkraut on the bread than corned beef, but it was quite good, not overly tart, and adding a decent crunch to the sandwich.  The corned beef was EXCELLENT.  Tender, flavorful, and left me wanting more.  (One thing I didn’t like – the reuben adds $0.60 to the price of the special, taking it to $8.70.

Overall, I think I’d go back for their soup…but not for the entire special.

Price after tax & a decent tip:  $12.00

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