Omnitech 16878 GPS fix…

So I bought a very inexpensive GPS off the Woot! website late last year.  It’s worked very well for me, and I was quite happy with the purchase…until last Saturday.  On Saturday the 13th of June, the GPS just quit syncing with the GPS constellation!  At first, I wrote it off to a cheap device, and figured that I’d had my fun.  But then I started poking around…and what I saw didn’t make sense.

I looked at the GPS signal screen, trying to see if the internal antenna wire had somehow come undone.  Maybe this was something I could fix myself!  No, I was seeing good signals from 8 to 11 satellites…and still no location sync!

Ok, so that points to software.  I started poking around the web, and found that I wasn’t alone…and that Navsupport was already hard at work on a fix.

Here’s the link

You’ll need a blank SD card, an SD reader, and about 10 minutes to perform the fix.  I did it, and it works great!  So what are you waiting for?  More GPS adventures await!

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