New employment…

As of July 8, I left the employ of Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center, and began working at a local RHIO called HealthBridge. I’ve known about HealthBridge, as I worked with it almost daily for the past 2 years at CCHMC. However, I’m joining a new venture called the Tri-State Regional Extension Center.

The Tri-State REC will be helping doctors install Electronic Medical Record systems, as well as achieve “Meaningful Use” from ones that they have already installed. It’s a position in which I can make a large impact on the quality of healthcare in Cincinnati and the surrounding area!

Although I’m quite excited to join HealthBridge, I’m leaving a great team of folks behind at CCHMC. They all know why I left, and understand completely (I think!), but it still saddens me to have to leave good people.

One thing that I have to do before I go any further is to state that anything posted to this blog represents MY opinion only, and in no way reflects on the opinion of HealthBridge or the Tri-State Regional Extension Center.

There – that’s done.  Back to my infrequent blogging!

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