iPhone software v2.0 review & live notes

iPhone screen shotIt seems like any blog out there seeking tech creds is reviewing the iPhone 2.0 software that was released today.  Unlike most geeks, I didn’t jump in on the early “release” yesterday, waiting instead for software that wasn’t going to potentially screw up my phone or make it unstable. But, now that I have the official, Infinite Loop Drive-blessed, Jobs-approved release, I’ll be putting it through its paces, so expect my review this evening or tomorrow.

One snag on install – iTunes is having slight difficulty re-authorizing my phone through ITMS.  Updates as they become available.

UPDATE #1: I finally got everything installed & working – it DID take about 5 – 10 minutes of “Accessing iTunes Store” before the phone was completely installed.  Lots of people doing what I did…when I did it, I’d wager.  Apps are pretty cool…but some definitely need some polish.

UPDATE #2: So I’m standing behind my earlier statement regarding apps needing some polish.  Some apps (WeatherBug, for example) seem to hang for extended periods while they download data.  I’m forgiving about this on my Edge connection, but at least provide a modicum of notification to the user as to what’s going on. Also, I’m getting quite tired of having to authorize location services to every application each time I launch them.  Apple:  How about a preferences pane where I can explicitly authorize an application to use location services?  Monkey Ball is pretty darned addictive, and wickedly hard to boot!  I can’t really see giving this to my 6-year old daughter, for fear of her chucking my iPhone out the window.

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