Good Cocoa Programming Blog Entry…

iMacSo one of the things I’ve been trying to accomplish in my free time for the past few months has been learning to program my iMac. I’m capable of writing a script, a VB program, and I understand (most) basic Object-Oriented Programming concepts, but for some reason, Cocoa & Objective C are very hard to understand.

Topping it off, all of the books out there now are based around XCode 2, not the new XCode 3 that came with Leopard. XCode 3 changes some of the concepts that are used time and again throughout your development process: things like instantiating classes within Interface Builder. They’re all things that, given time, you figure out…but it’s just annoying enough to cause problems when going through a programming book for the first time.

This blog entry does a really good job of stepping through a basic program in XCode 3, using Cocoa & Objective C concepts.

Long Pointers » XCode 3.0 Tutorial

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