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Fashion Faux Pas #1

I went to the Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers concert last night.  There I was witness to many a fashion faux pas.  Now, I’m no fashion expert; however, I feel I must be the first (?) to face this one glaring abomination head-on.

To all the ladies out there:

You know the straight-outta-the-70s huge-lensed sunglasses you are all wearing, thinking they make you look good?  Well, they don’t.

They make you look like something of a mix between Paris Hilton and  Jeff Goldblum’s adaptation of “The Fly”.   Unlike Rachel Ray’s husband, I don’t want to feel like if I get too close, that I’ll get drenched in flesh-dissolving goo.

My Resume

I am a technically-proficient Meaningful Use Practice Consultant & Systems Analyst who is accustomed to the multifunctional reality of balancing clinical & business needs with the ever-changing medical regulatory landscape. Fourteen years experience with Medical Information Technology; four years experience assisting customers with EHR workflow integration and Meaningful Use optimization. Excels at quickly grasping customer requirements and how they relate to existing and/or upcoming products. Adept at communicating complex terms and concepts to non-technical professionals. I have proven to be an excellent mentor, and an experienced team/project lead.

Please download a printable copy of my resume:

Slashdot | Heinlein Archives Put Online

Well, what looked pretty cool at first glance….really not so much.  It’s cool to be able to pick the brain of one of my favorite (dead) authors.  However, it’s not so cool to have to pay over $30 for the privelege to do so for just one book (Starship Troopers). 

I suppose it’s just another money grab…

Slashdot | Heinlein Archives Put Online

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