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Welcome Dylan Bruce!

Wow – I can’t believe it’s been a week since Dylan was born, and I haven’t even posted his picture here!  I’ve posted to FaceBook, all of my friends via email…but you’d think I would keep up with my blog!!

Dylan was born on November 19 @ 1:26p.  He weighed 6 lb 15 oz, and was (and remains) in perfect health!  

Mommy & Baby are both doing well a week out, and Evan and Jessica are absolutely enamored of their new brother!

You can check out more pictures on my family photo album.


Evan Walking!!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many whoops of joy is this worth?

{vidavee id=”13133″ w=”320″ }

That was one of the preliminary heats…later in the evening he kept walking back & forth between Diane and I.  He must have done twenty laps, walking to me, turning himself around (and not letting me help!), and walking back to Diane.  Turn, walk, repeat…

I’m a happy, proud Daddy tonight.

To the moon! (and back again)

So it would seem that my almost seven year-old daughter Jessica is really enjoying Amateur Radio. I just joined a local club, and she’s been attending meetings and events with me. This serves a dual purpose: it eliminates the need for a babysitter, AND it allows me to expose her to my newly rediscovered hobby. This past Monday, she came with me to the West Chester Amateur Radio Association’s August meeting. Knowing that the best defense against a cranky kid is ACTIVITIES, I came loaded for bear. Jessica was carrying a backpack containing a couple of books, a Nintendo DS, gummy worms, the toy from her McDonald’s Happy Meal, and her MP3 player. She was amazingly good, quietly and contentedly sitting there through the entire 90 minute meeting. Afterwards, she wanted to go up to the club hamshack and “play some radio.”

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You know you’re getting old when…

your 6 year old daughter just beat you three games out of four in Wii bowling!

For some reason, she’s taken to Wii bowling like a fish to water. Her high score is a 202!

Now, I have a 250-something as a high score, but of late I have been having problems throwing the ball consistently. I’m scoring 150s, with the occasional 120! (ICK!) She’s throwing a mostly-straight ball, and getting 5 or more strikes per game.

Although I sure am glad that she actually has fun gaming with me, I can only come to one conclusion…..that I’m raising a precocious brat!!!  😉